Initial Search Engine Optimization Plan for Websites – Paula1 Search Engine Ranking Specialist

The best way for me to offer you an initial SEO plan is by checking on your website first in order to be able to see what it needs.

I will propose a plan of work, including keywords or themes (keywords are becoming less puntual and need to be used more broadly), and the tasks I will do. If you agree and don{t have any questions, after this point once we agree on the payment I would start the work.

Besides the keywords/themes we specifically target there might also be several secondary keywords targeted indirectly and which might show up in the website statistics such as Awstats or Google analytics (if the client has them) and bring traffic as well. Is highly recommendable that all clients have websites statistics to see by themselves how the site progresses, and is absolutely necessary in case they want to request reports on how the site is progressing. Check out my reports page for more information.

In order to be able to do the work included in these SEO plans I need to have access to the website’s ftp or Content Management System (Admin Panel), or ask the client to download and upload files for me each time it is necessary. I often also need to have webmail access to an email of the site domain.

Since I speak both English and Spanish, these plans can be applied to sites in English, Spanish, or both languages.

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