Ongoing Search Engine Optimization for Websites

The best way for me to offer you a maintenance SEO plan is by checking on your website first in order to be able to see what it needs.

If you would like know more details about my maintenance SEO packages please Contact me.

More Information about these Maintenance Search Engine Optimization Plans:

Maintenance optimization plans are very important to make sure the website does as good as possible in search engines. Every time changes and new content is added to the website, SEO need to be considered. And search engines change their algorithms very often, which causes SEO to have to adapt and change accordingly to the new panoramas.

In order to be able to do the work included in these SEO plans I will need to have access to the site’s ftp or Content Management System, or ask the client to download and upload files for me each time it is necessary. I will probably also need to have webmail access to an email of the site domain.

Since I speak both English and Spanish, this plan can be applied to sites in English, Spanish, or both languages.

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